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Market Lane Coffee - Queen Victoria Market

If you’ve followed me for long enough, or at least know the basics of good cafes in Melbourne, then you should know who and what Market Lane Coffee is. If you don’t, then it’s time we had a good sit down.

The two main things you need to know is that they know what they are doing - and I don’t say that about many places. They are also lovely, polite and informative. Understand?

Their main command centre is located in the Prahran Market, which is always a hive of a all things that are delicious - coffee, coffee and beans. This younger sibling is pretty close to the action of the Queen Victoria Market (QVM). I’ve never had a good coffee at the QVM. Never. Things are about to change for the better.

Open plan. 

Open for business.

Open for pleasure.

The benches in the windows are a great place to sit and watch the action, not to mention ‘that’ feeling of getting the sun on your back. The space is pretty cosy, so there isn’t that much room for tables and chairs. Think of this branch of Market Lane Coffee as a type of pit stop. The life line in our darkest moments. The helping hand when you’re changing a car tyre.  An editor when our prose are more purple than ever. You get the picture.

Espresso. Guess Espresso -  Herbazu - Costa rica.
While a lot of single origins can be heavy on the palate, this Herbazu is light and thin. To expand on that, it has a low viscosity that lets the body of flavour roll around your tongue a lot more. The lime and butterscotch flavours are present and make it refreshing drop of nectar.

The chocolate brownie was a lovely accompaniment and I’m sure it still is a lovely accompaniment in a parallel universe at this very moment. 

Other than coffee and all things related to the Dark Mistress, I love conversations between people. Especially if those people are baristas.

Coffee Fan: How many millilitres in a ristretto? 

Barista: The second commandment should be that all ristrettos should have 15mls.

109-111 Therry Street.

Melbourne 3000.

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