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Two Birds One Stone
The Avalanches began playing as soon as I stepped into Two Birds One Stone. "Since I left you, I found a world so new", actually, to tell you the truth, since I met you I also found a world so new.
Saturday mornings have a great vibe. 11am, breakfast or brunch or lunch, it’s hard to decide. Gym clothes with the stroller or Ray Bans and pepper grinders? These are kipple that fill sidewalks and cafes and corners and pavement speckled with shade from yawning leaves above.
Two Birds One Stone is owned and run by the same folk that brought you APTE and Three Bags Full and connections to Liar Liar. So needless to say, we’re in good hands.
Two Birds is arranged quite nicely, benches around the windows facing the street, booths on the walls, tables in the middle, cakes and slices under the counter and the rest that follows. Staff are busy zipping around keeping their cool and doing their thing.
I did my thing with the menu, settling on a melon, brioche and passionfruit medley and their Black Coffee blend. I was kind of hoping for the coffee to come out first but the meal beat the coffee by about 5 or 10 minutes, that being said, they were being slammed quite hard with coffee orders so my sympathy went out towards them all.
Watermelon, rockmelon, cantaloupe, brioche, macadamia and passionfruit. 
Rereading what I wrote as the title for the meal I had sort of sounds like a fruit salad, but it also had a few hunks of brioche too and and some mint. Well, what can I say, I love a good plate of melons. This was extremely fresh and cooling. Very light and much like Edith Piaf, after I ate this I had no regrets. This was marriage material.
Black Coffee Blend. Espresso. Honduras Jorge Alberto and Elsalvador Santa Rita.
Goodness me. This too was light and very very clean. As I kept sipping and searching I found light hints of citrus-like saltiness at the end. It was light, fluffy and creamy. Magic.
The next decision was whether to have the Ethiopian Hachira Aeropress or the Iced Jorge Alberto? Such a dilemma!
Ethiopia - Hachira. Aeropress.
This smelt and tasted like (get ready for my stream of consciousness) licorice, aniseed, juicy mango or was it grapefruit. Grapefruit. That’s what it was. It had that plump tartiness that only a grapefruit could get away with, knocking over your glass, turning around and apologising but winking at you at the same time, and when she leaves, her perfume stays in the air long enough for you to recognise her if she ever came back again. With an $8 price tag, it was worth every dollar, just as good as the Geisha that comes around every now and then.
Whilst snapping and sipping away a young lady next to me commented on my pictures and asked whether I had a blog. After a lovely chat, she confirmed the awesomeness of Two Birds, recommended a few of their dishes and also said how fantastic the staff were. So readers and lovers, as you can see, I am not the only one who thinks they have it in the bag here. The White Coffee blend they offer is roasted by 5 Senses and their black coffee blends are roasted by them, so they are very much skilled up in and in the know.
This should be obvious but just in case you don’t know me well, you need to come here and then you need to come back. Not far from the train station or far from the hubbub that surrounds the shops. 
12 Claremont Street. South Yarra.
Monday-Friday: 7am-4pm
Weekends: 8am-4pm
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