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Market Lane Coffee 

I must sing praise and thank the Good Mistress that Market Lane Coffee is open today. The whole market is closed (yes I am aware of the public holiday thing) and eateries and coffee retreats are few and far found on days like this.

Obviously I am not the only one grateful that MLC is open because they’re pretty busy even though it is quiet when it comes to the noise in here. 

Five maestros behind the bar working their magic and doing what they do best. 

The last time I came here I had a pour over, even though I was not fond of pour overs. This time I’m having one of their seasonal blend espressos…to start with *eye brows raised*

Double Espresso. Seasonal blend.
Citrus. A body like a Summer’s day in a field of cotton. What? This is lovely. A category 1 for sure. The final sips gave me a different taste, something nutty? Que sas, or que sas Mise en bean is loco and has no idea. Citrus-orange flavours come out and…*massaging tongue* even chocolate like flavours.

Double Espresso. Curses! I forgot to ask what this one was.
Piping hot. Crema that looks and tastes like velvet! (Note, I have not actually licked brown velvet before, all I can do is imagine). A lot cleaner than the first one I had. Not to say the previous one was muddled, this one here is just a lot smoother. I’ll take a stab here, put myself out in the spotlight and ASSUME that this second drop of nectar I had was a single origin because of the clarity in the flavours. Of course if I am wrong I’ll surely be lambasted (I love that word) by a goon of the coffee mafia. Warm flavours, not as citrusy as the first dose I sipped but there seem to be caramel and nut undertones, and by undertones I mean they are like vermouth all you have to do is whisper vermouth over the cocktail and people will insist that vermouth is in the cocktail. Almost a sunny sort of flavour, perhaps comparable to the light emitting from a warm fire.
I like it here. It is pretty relaxed (and no I don’t think it was JUST because it was a public holiday) and the whole place runs like clockwork. They have heaps of coffee beans for sale that I believe they roast themselves…however I could be wrong (then why don’t I do my research? Because even research can be wrong). Just as Cup of Truth (bless them!) is coffee, tea, water and coffee, MLC is similar in that they only have coffee (of all varieties), other beverages and very light sweets. Not focaccias, sandwiches or soups of the day. Just coffee. And that, is just fine with me. It should also be just fine with you!
They even have public cuppings Thursday to Sunday at 10 AM. Perhaps something I should take advantage of before school starts again. Perhaps.
Come here!
Shop 13. Prahran Market. 163 Commercial Road. Entrance on Elizabeth Street. South Yarra. (Woo! What a mouthful!)

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