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Threefold - Foodstore & Eatery.

A place that serves wholesome-looking food is one thing, but a place that looks wholesome and also serves wholesome food is something else.

Threefold is a very nice looking place. They have lovely looking food and most importantly, lovely tasting coffee. Some of their food is out on display in the centre of the counter, pay close attention to the taste-styled salads that you should set your tastebuds on to. 

The staff are fresh, polite and attentive (even if one of them forgets your espresso order just that once). 

They have wine, water (but can they turn water into wine?!!!), cakes and desserts. But you know what I’m here for.

Their coffee is supplied by Syndicate coffee, who are relatively new in the big bean of things. Syndicate do the house blend for Threefold as well as supply them with a single origin. Shall we?

Espresso. Costa Rica. Syndicate.
This would have to be the warmest coffee cup I have ever come across, which is something that tickles me inside. The nectar within this cup? Neat and tidy flavours. Very efficient flavours are coming through, it’s strange to say, but this is a very compact drop of nectar. As Tuco in Breaking Bad says “That’s tight tight tight!” and then he would slam his fists on the table (only I can’t do that). Light bright flavours stretch themselves across my palate; citrus and possibly a blossom. I can also taste a dash or two of a clean caramel, as opposed to harsh and tart roasted caramels.

Pie of the day!
As a surprise I didn’t ask what it was at first. It was delicious though! Pork mince with rosemary or thyme and a boiled egg in the pie too. It was sort of like a meatloaf pie. Not heavy at all. The pastry would surely make Gary Mehigan pull that ‘Ohohohoh’ face, you know the one when he turns around to George Colombaris and invites him over to eat the contestants food. Yep.

This place gets very busy. In the oh I don’t know…hour that I spent there…people were coming in non-stop. Sure it is in the CBD and it was lunch time, but it got to the point where people were being turned away OR the staff were making do with rearranging tables and chairs to accommodate as best as they could. 

381 Flinders Lane. Melbourne.
Monday to Wednesday: 7am-4pm. Thursday to Friday: 7am-Late.
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