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Collective Espresso

Polite, fresh and cute. These three words are how I would describe the feeling of Collective Espresso. Here we are, opposite Camberwell train station at 1:30 on a Monday. Collective is busily buzzing with people enjoying the perfect drop and the tastiest bite. 

Owned and loved by Mark Jacobson and Duncan McCance, who, according to some research are from the plate-tastic Las Chicas in Balaclava, Collective is a testament to their knowledge and appreciation of good food and coffee that can take you places.

What do you do when you walk inside?
Smile and take a deep breath. Have a peek at the specials board, check out the coffees of the day and place your order at the counter. Relax oh thirsty one, water will be brought to your table.

Double Espresso. House Blend.
This was a pretty mellow drop. It was smooth and slightly oily, with warm flavours that relaxed my tongue. Non-bitter caramels tickled my tongue with light honey tones. Overall not too bad, a strong Category 2.

Pour over of the day. Costa Corillo (Spelling?)
This was delicious, in some ways this was my my dessert or my sweet for the day, and seeing as I am not much of a sweet tooth, this was perfect. It had a sweet candy-like flavour, but it was also mellow and cute much like someone I know. Actually, the flavours can best be described as a manic pixie dream girl. A sing-songy voice floating across university lawns. A consistent tone mixed with underground magazines. This pour over was the music that marries a summer day. So without another Murakami like tangent, the pour over was sweet and mellow with enough depth and warmth to satisfy those who prefer their coffees slightly strong and bitter.

Chorizo Sandwich
You can’t go wrong with any of the ingredients in this sandwich: chorizo, tomato, lettuce, pesto and I think some mayonnaise. The chorizo was heated up nicely and the pesto was just enough but not too much to dominate.

This establishment was busy for a reason when I came and it is always busy for the same reason - it’s good. My cousin swears by this place and I now know why. You need to come here to know why I love this place. I wish it was my local cafe.

Monday - Friday: 7am-4pm. Saturday - Sunday: 8am-4pm
3 Cookson Street. Camberwell. (Opposite the train station!)
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