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Kew is an area I need to explore more, or, it is an area I should research a bit more.

On that delightful vehicle of information called the Internet, I heard/read/thinged about a cafe called Ora. Some of the cafe greats have said good things about this place and the believers at Ora even swear by some of my favourite cafes too. That can only mean one thing…(or one of several)….

A Saturday in Melbourne is a time in which you want to spend less time in your car and the most time somewhere cool, or somewhere hot and pretend that its cool (like the beach). If you’re like me, you prefer the prior. Ora is that cool escape from the heat. Cool white walls, terracotta coloured tiled floors. Lovely staff who are informative and friendly. Speaking of awesome, water is brought to my table upon taking a seat! You know how I feel about water at tables.

Take a seat at the communal table, or the bench by the window and overlook the street. Perhaps the single tables are more your thing, so sit there, or better yet, if you’re one of those people who like the heat and like to pretend it’s actually cool, sit outside and bask in the sun. (Note: I do love the hot weather, but I am not a fan of pretending, nor am I a fan of beaches).

Their food menu is seasonal (I assume this as the printed menu had ‘Spring’ as a subheading) and consists of delicious takes on typical breakfast classics. That being said, they have paired back a lot of the ‘populars’ (Thank the Dark Mistress!) and a made a type of….Breakfast Avengers Team…sort of like a…Justice League of Breakfasts, in other words, the best of the best.

Enough talking!

Espresso. Colombia. Andes Santarita.

This was delicious. All sorts of tastes and textures come to mind from this drop - smokey saltiness, syrupy, viscous, dashes of chocolate. The tastebuds are running wild…caramels too. Category 1. Hands down delicious.

Hot Roast Lamb Roll with Coleslaw and Green Pepper sauce. 

Amazing. Not messy. Satisfying. You know what I love about this dish? It already has salad in it, so there is no need for the leaves of rocket or spinach that so many places put on the plates next to a roll or meal with greens in it. Well done!

Pour Over. Panama. Hera Estate. Honey process.
I could definitely taste the honey. This was not as floral or dynamic as the Panama Geisha which is also on offer here (I know right?!). This had mellow honey flavours with a light coffee taste. Very smooth, not too oily and not at all abrasive. As it cooled, it developed a few bitter flavour plumes, but nothing that ruined the overall flavour for me. Don’t have this expecting something as floral and perfume-like as the Geisha. It is a different flavour set, but is just as enjoyable.

In Greek, the word ‘ora’ refers to ‘time’. You can easily spend a lot of ‘time’ here, eating drinking and resting. So whether or not the meaningful naming of this fine establishment was intentional, after having such a great ‘time’ here, I can only think that the name was meant to be. 


156 Pakington Street. Kew. 

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