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Shop 7
The number seven has been mentioned a lot of times throughout history and popular culture. I wont go into all of the examples because most of them you already know (because we’re both like that, and I kind of like that idea). From one non-sequitur to another, my school holiday adventures took me and my devices to Shop 7 which is located at 551 Little Lonsdale street. Enough yapping! Let’s get down to business…

Upon entry…

I am greeted politely and with 3 sets of smiles and several chirpy personalities. How can you be a sad person and work with coffee all day? I know! If anything, being near the Mistress’ nectar all day makes you happy, which is clearly the effect it is having on these lovely people. 

Upon stepping forward…

I see that two espressos are on offer! Firstly there is the Shop 7 blend which is comprised of: Colombian, Costa Rican Cooper Data and Papua New Guinea Kimel. Secondly there is the guest coffee which is the Balinese Kintimani.

Double Espresso. Balinese Kintimani. 5 Senses.

This is rich and sweet. It makes me think of a cherry ripe, but not as sweet (which is probably a good thing right?). It has very light flavours with little to no acidity swimming around in the body. It’s gentle on the tongue and has a buttery flavour and consistency to it all. This is a front runner in the category 1s of today.

What else…

They have a nice looking sandwich menu and plenty of fresh sandwiches on display. Water is available and it was EVEN brought to my table upon delivery of my cup of nectar. 

Remember what I said about places down this end of the city? Slowly but surely the CBD is not so dark and lonely with places like Shop 7 rising and casting golden rays of warmth upon cold concrete and bain-maries of despair. 

They have a busy lunch crowd that is filled with suits and mini skirts.

It’s good to be alive.

I’ll be back here.

551 Little Lonsdale street

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