Photo 17 Apr St Martha’s! Single origins are in! #coffee #cafe #cafes #espresso #melbourne #miseenbean #singleorigin #coffeelove (at St Martha’s Cafe)

St Martha’s! Single origins are in! #coffee #cafe #cafes #espresso #melbourne #miseenbean #singleorigin #coffeelove (at St Martha’s Cafe)

Video 17 Apr

Brewhouse Coffee Roasters

My Canadian compadre came here the other week and his message to me was “Finally Bendigo has some decent coffee!” Not knowing what this meant in the context of Bendigo I took it upon myself to investigate whilst my lady lovely had an exam revision class.

From the outside the Brewhouse is a big establishment. Later investigations and chatter with the staff informed me that while the cafe is only 12 months old, the business and roastery has been around for longer - they even supply cafes in Melbourne!

The Scene
I like it. It reminds me of Coffeehead with its open plan and bench tables, floor boards and graffiti art on the walls. One of the floor staff looks like Asha Keddie (the main actress in the tv show Offspring) do in also half expecting the signature iPhone ringtone to go off. 
It’s a well kept and clean environment. Everyone is greeted at the door and water is replenished regularly. 

As usual I am tempted and intrigued by the ample coffee toys and bits on the shelves. Cups, saucers, beans, jugs, tea. 
I don’t know much about the coffee scene in Bendigo, but this place is pretty good. They have variety in coffee, gourmet choices in food and coffee supply shelves for all the budding home baristas.

Peru Single Origin
So single origins are tough nuts. Clean and simple but they may not always have those prominent flavours like some. The Peruvian espresso was not as amazing as some single origins I’ve had before. Promises of cherry and honey I the coffee card but not in the extraction I had. Not terrible, just not what I expected. Outside of the ‘single origin’ stereotype it was a well pulled shot with no unwanted bitterness or sediment.

House blend
The coffee card that came with this promised me flavours of chocolate and nuts. Here is what I got…

The chocolate and honey is certainly letting itself be known in the house blend. That cocoa grittiness dashed on the palate and made me smile. 

A chat to one of the lovely floor staff alerted me to the fact that they have 2 and sometimes 3 single origins rotating throughout the day and that earlier they had a Mexican running through their grinders and tickling their machines. 

Pulled Pork Baguette
I’m not a fan of pork belly which is why I went for the pulled pork. The tang of the Savoy cabbage and the fig and Apple chutney was a great combination. 

Yes! With a courtyard out back near their roaster and rotating singles in the grinder how could you not like this place?

Knowledgeable staff and baristas, not only about the beans but also about the business.

I have no regrets about the time I spent here, just a curious fascination to come back.

402 Hargreaves St, Bendigo
Monday to Friday: 6:30-5:00pm
Saturday: 7:00-4:00pm
Sunday: 8:00-4:00pm

PS: I’ve gone back to typing my experiences on my phone and hope that this will enable me to write and upload on the fly with more ease and most importantly more often.

Video 16 Apr 2 notes

Vincent the Dog

Sometimes, you can’t stop what’s coming.

Clearly, I have not been updating as regularly as my passion would like, and yes, the Dark Mistress is a bit upset that her black high heels and firm fitting attire is collecting some dust. Coffee never sleeps (slightly overused phrase) and nor does my passion for coffee, food and great cafes. I’m making a few changes to the way I write, capture and report on the mise en scene of the coffee world I explore - hopefully in a way that makes my posts more regular. A short reflection I made the other day is that I have had the Mise en Bean blog for close to 4 or 5 years now, a lot has changed and things will change yet again, but like the sky and the clouds, the sky will remain constant while clouds pass over it.

I had heard about Vincent the Dog a while ago from a colleague who lives in the Carlton area and on two lovely mornings I had the chance to drop by and check out Vincent before spending hours at an educational workshop. I know, it’s a tough life, but sometimes you have to make it easy.

Bar seats that look out the window on to the street, shelves of neatly arranged coffee toys and paraphernalia are some of the first things I noticed as I walked in - you may see something different. The big communal table is also a focal point, enough room for newspapers, your laptop and room to stretch.

Now I did go a while ago so I forget the details of the espresso I had but I have not forgotten the details of the pour-over I had.

Pour Over - Brazilian

Most pour overs I have had are either floral, fruity, or slightly earthy, but this Brazilian was slightly piney. I know that ‘piney’ is sort of earthy but I have never had a pour over like this before. Clean and refreshing, but not forgoing any of ‘those’ flavours we love about our caffeinated beverages.


Unfortunately I forgot what type it was but I can tell you that the coffees the week that I went were supplied by Code Black Coffee (oh yes, Code Black indeed!). It was served on a ‘coffee-paddle’ with flippin’ mineral water in an espresso cup!

Another cool thing (cool by my definition is interesting) about Vincent is the variety in coffee methods and specifics about temperatures. They have coffee tasting plates, specially brewed coffee and particular temperatures, espresso in frozen cups, and their justification for brewing pour overs/filter coffee they way they do - “haters gonna hate!”.

Who Doesn’t Like Poached Eggs

Too right, too right. Don’t forget my love of avocado may have influenced my decision in ordering this, along with the fact that there was smoked salmon too. Oh smoked salmon. Overall this breakfast, whilst simply, was actually quite delicious and clean. As I re-read that sentence I realise it sounds slightly silly. Let me rephrase - it is a simple breakfast, the ingredients aren’t complicated, but they are all rich and have good clean flavours which put together as a medley on a plate - make one feel like they could conquer anything.

The Rest

Both times the staff were friendly, chirpy and knew their coffee. Pastries and whatnot are supplied by Fatto A Mano and Mystery Baker (I don’t know if that means it really is a mysterious baker or if the bakery is called ‘Mystery Baker’). Lovely gourmet pies and bagels that will find their way to my mouth next time.


Do it. On the way here I walked by Market Lane’s new little digs just off Drummond street. We all have our favourite temptations “Oh I’ll just pop in to Market Lane and get a filter…” but sometimes we have to try something different. I know that’s big talk coming from me who would give in to that temptation a lot and frequent my favourites time and time again but we all do things when we’re young (right?!).

Vincent the Dog

348 Drummond Street






Wednesday - Friday


Saturday - Sunday



Photo 15 Apr Coffee after shopping? I just became one of those people. #28yearsold #coffee #cafe #mooneeponds #miseenbean  (at The Daily Grind)

Coffee after shopping? I just became one of those people. #28yearsold #coffee #cafe #mooneeponds #miseenbean (at The Daily Grind)

Video 6 Mar 1 note
Hammer and Tong 412
My girlfriend and I tried coming here a month ago - notice the word ‘tried’ in that sentence. It was crazy busy a month ago, Saturday morning breakfast, table for 2, at least a 45 minute wait, and with the needs in our stomachs making us turn ‘hangry’ we ate elsewhere. 
Last Saturday I thought I’d try my luck alone (it’s not as fun when you do it alone) and see if a table for 1 would be easier to wrangle. Well it was easier, it was also just as busy - which must be saying something about this place.
Their coffee comes from Dukes Coffee Roasters and their food is brought to life by some pretty fancy pants chefs who used to work at places that my parents go to for important anniversaries (Vue de Monde). 
So…coffee that gets my tick of approval and food that is pretty shmancy…what more could one want? How about this…
From Tuesday to Saturday their hours are 7am….until LATE! That means they do DINNER! That means you can get REAL coffee LATE AT NIGHT. No longer are we restricted to the day time hours! (by ‘we’ I mean ‘me’).
Espresso. La Spirenza
Clean caramel flavours which were a bit roasty but not overly sweet. Now I want to say that there was a bit of Earthiness to it, POSSIBLY EVEN maybe some piney-like aromas but I could be wrong. So the single origin La Spirenza was nice, but the cold drip…
Rwandan Cold Drip
This was magic, not as magic as drinking coconut cold drip, but I loved this cold drip because I had to chase it for a while before I could work out what it was. At first I tasted a distinct fruitiness that I mistook for coconut, reswishing and tasting I thought I detected prunes and then leaped to a fermented dried fruit which then lead me to figs. The Rwandan Cold Drip had a fig-like flavour running through, it wasn’t syrupy sweet or thick, but it had a big enough hint to let you know that you weren’t in Kansas.
Soft Shell Crab Burger
Quick, someone help me get up! This burger, it knocked me to the ground it was that delicious. So crabby. So tangy. So sweet.
Considering how busy they were (and have been) I was in and out within an hour! 

Tues - Sat 7am to late

Sunday 8am to 5pm

Rear 412 Brunswick St.
Photo 6 Mar 2 notes I love it when I have a workshop on the city during the week! #miseenbean #espresso #coffee #Guatemala  (at Seven Seeds)

I love it when I have a workshop on the city during the week! #miseenbean #espresso #coffee #Guatemala (at Seven Seeds)

Video 9 Jan 3 notes


My Canadian Comrade and I ended up walking into NSHRY by mistake (thinking it was a another cafe). Well! Just as it is haloumi season it seems it is also serendipity season too because….

Espresso. Campos.
Sticky sweet caramels with a light salty smokiness. This was amazing, I mean, we weren’t expecting anything but they nailed it. I know that people say “Oh just because they have a Synesso doesn’t mean they make good coffee” well yes that’s true, but NSHRY have a Synesso and are pumping out the Campos Coffee like bosses!
129A Beaconsfield Parade. Albert Park. 
Tuesday to Sunday: 8am-4pm. 

Video 9 Jan
Truman Cafe
The Albert Park area had a few cafes on my hit list and Truman Cafe was at the top. Sometimes I can’t remember if I put these places on my list because of their reputation for amazing coffee or if it had to do with great food and breakfasts, or maybe both. Either way, Truman Cafe was my first port of call with my Canadian Comrade so let’s see how it fared…
Nice and smooth, easy to drink, slightly smoky with a little bit of a bitter finish. Well-made standard coffee. I’m not sure of the beans or who supplies them but it was nice.
Tuna Toastie.
Tuna. Olives. Spinach. Mayo. I love my tuna with a bit of salty mayo delight and this hit the spot perfectly. 
Poached Eggs with Haloumi.
Seems to be haloumi season! My friend loved the meal and cleaned up every bit of it!
Staff were friendly and attentive enough, prices were reasonable and the location is great. I wouldn’t come back for the coffee BUT if I were to organise a breakfast outing with some friends and we were looking at the Albert Park area I would definitely put this place on the table as an option.
381 Montague Street. Albert Park.
7 Days.
Video 8 Jan 2 notes

Brother Alec

With good weather on our shoulders, m’lady and I decided to head out to see what gems we could find scattered amongst Melbourne’s ever-growing coffee scene. I had planned to take the lovely to Short Round in the hope getting some clean and awesome food BUT they were closed for the holidays, SERENDIPITY jumped in at that very moment as we passed a cosy nook called Brother Alec. Shmancy looking coffee, food that could conquer any hunger and of course welcoming staff. 

I don’t know a whole lot about Brother Alec, they have a good website, use Syndicate coffee as well as beans from Clark Street Roasters, Dench breads, they promote warmth, hospitality and all the rest. 
Turkish bread or wheat tortillas with a wide variety of fillings (haloumi, beef, jerk chicken, the works!). Delicious sounding breakfasts and some pretty nosh-tastic looking sweets. 
Espresso. Ethiopian (Unknown variety). 
Raspberries with cinnamon and light pearls of caramels. Light coloured crema and a medium to light body too. There were initial promises of aniseed too from the barista but I didn’t detect any in my sips, however, this was definitely a cup of nectar to write home about. 
Haloumi Wheat Tortilla.
I thought this was nice and light. The haloumi, spinach, tomato and salsa worked well together.
There were other things on the menu that I’d love to check out and try and my lovely’s haloumi, eggs, zucchini and salsa meal is something I’d like to try next time. 
Short and sweet my friends! Visit Brother Alec and have one of everything.
719 High Street Thornbury.
Monday-Friday: 7am-3:30pm
Weekends: 8am-3pm. 
Photo 14 Dec 2 notes #pourover #declieu #miseenbean #Melbourne #coffee  (at De Clieu)

#pourover #declieu #miseenbean #Melbourne #coffee (at De Clieu)

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