Photo 31 Aug #Kenyan #miseenbean #Sunday (at Lucy Lockett)

#Kenyan #miseenbean #Sunday (at Lucy Lockett)

Photo 27 Aug #singleorigin #india #veerattikan #workshopday #professionallearning #miseenbean #teacherlyf #coffee  (at Three Bags Full Cafe)

#singleorigin #india #veerattikan #workshopday #professionallearning #miseenbean #teacherlyf #coffee (at Three Bags Full Cafe)

Photo 22 Aug A bit of Brunswick is now in Caroline Springs. That means I can feed my love while I’m at work! #coffee #miseenbean #padre #brewbrothers #carolinesprings  (at Brew Brothers)

A bit of Brunswick is now in Caroline Springs. That means I can feed my love while I’m at work! #coffee #miseenbean #padre #brewbrothers #carolinesprings (at Brew Brothers)

Photo 21 Jul The Good Bean Espresso

The Good Bean Espresso

Video 21 Jul

Elk Espresso

Video 21 Jul

Daark Espresso

Video 21 Jul

Clandestino Coffee Roasters

Video 21 Jul

Blackboard Coffee

Video 21 Jul

Queensland Coffee

In complete defiance to the cold, wet and moody weather of Melbourne during the school holidays, Mise en Bean and the love of his love travelled to Queensland in search of sun, warmth and fun….and good coffee.

So how do I find worthwhile cafes to visit in another state? The same way I look for new cafes in Victoria:

  • Twitter - What new cafes are the cafes talking about? Find, follow and stalk!

  • Instagram - If you hashtag #coffee or something related then other lovers of the Dark Mistress will hear your call and before you know it, social media does its thing.

I’m not a digital analyst, I’m not a social media manager for companies or organisations but the odd hashtag and @person or !location tags do help in the great discovery.

  • Beanhunter - I approach this app with as much caution as I do with Urbanspoon. Yes the cafe/restaurant has a 88% ranking but only 14 people have voted. Or there are the cases where a great cafe is targeted by jealous neighbouring cafes (Nabiha in Moonee Ponds). Nevertheless, I still checked Beanhunter in some locations.

So initially on my list I had these cafes in my sights:

And then after some time these two places were discovered:

Clandestino Coffee Roasters

I haven’t been this excited about a cafe or coffee experience in a long time, really. Hidden amongst a semi-industrial area in Noosaville is a concrete warehouse that is more alive on the inside than your first date.

Clover - Ethiopian Yigracheffe

Creamy after taste. Stone fruit. Sweet underlay, full body in a light cup. Initially this made me think of brandy with its amber color and cheeky smile. Then at first taste, it had a slight creamy aftertaste with a sweet underlay; it was a full bodied jewel with a light body.

We hoped to return for food but time got the better of us. Needless to say, if I were to visit Noosa any time soon, this is the first place I’d go back to, and the second place, and the third place.

Blackboard Coffee

Blue skies, clear views, crisp air. This was my welcome to Varsity Lakes and yes if the name is anything to go by, the surrounding ‘town’ is very much like the University or College towns in some parts of America.

To be honest, on our first visit, the service was a bit scattered, took at least 15 minutes to get someone to bring us menus and a strange amount of time to get an espresso and a juice. They were not busy.

Conversely, when we came another time for breakfast, service was prompt, attentive and much better - everyone has their days hey! I must mention the meal…NOW, everyone, EVERYONE does the meal with toast, poached eggs, avocado and any kind of choice between dukkah, rocket, greens. Blackboard coffee have been the only group to change this or reinvent it…slightly. Instead of toast they had….half a sweet potato. CHECK IT!

Nicaragua Single Origin

This drop had a sweet aroma with stone fruit flavours and a light body. The bottom of the drop was slightly tart but brought around with a type of smokiness.

Elk Espresso

Elk Espresso was a short walk from where we were staying in Broadbeach. Initially we thought we were in struggle street when it came to finding or getting good coffee in Broadbeach, HOWEVER we found Elk. Directly opposite a park and near one of the several surf life saving clubs the views, the temperature and the ‘feel’ cannot get better than this.

As it was so close we went quite a few times to begin or end our early morning jog (I could say “jogs” but when you’re a couple in love, you jog together). All the times we went, for a coffee, a breakfast, or anything, always consistent. The service was lovely, friendly, attentive and the food never disappointed.

Kibuye Burundi

Slightly sweet acidity with a smoked aroma. There was a stone fruit or berry I couldn’t quite put my finger-tongue on but it was always a winner.

Daark Espresso

Daark Espresso was the first ‘good’ cafe we went to on our trip. We’d had some pretty bad coffee earlier that morning, and need to clean our souls with something good and something….daark (oh come on, you knew that was coming).


This was recommended to be by the chap there, he also suggested having it as a ristretto. Pretty damn delicious. He told me it would be like biting into a blueberry, I felt it was more like licking a blueberry. There was a intense roasted flavour lurking around the ceramic pot, a slight woodiness too - possibly something pine-like?

House Blend

This was earthy with a salty aftertaste. Full bodied and warming. Miss. Mise en Bean had the house blend as a piccolo latte and she said it had “woody” flavours - she’s becoming just like me.

The Good Bean Espresso

Mooloolaba. We like this place the most on our trip. A lot more ‘chill’ than Noosa and Broadbeach. There were better places to eat food here than there were in Noosa (don’t even get us started) and on top of that, The Good Bean Espresso Cafe had a neat single origin. I did not take any notes on the flavours of this espresso but they got 2 visits from us and each extraction was as warm and tasty as watching the sunrise from your floor to ceiling bedroom windows.


The coffee highlight was Clandestino Coffee Roasters. The set up, the warehouse/supermarket they were in filled with the delicious food, the coffee, the people.

The main highlight was going a great holiday with the woman who I’ll spend the rest of my life with (I’ll let you know when the whole marriage thing happens!)

PS: The posts following this will be all of the other photos from the aforementioned cafes. Stay tuned!


Photo 9 Jul #coffee #espresso #miseenbean #bolivian #singleorigin #maloolaba  (at The Good Bean Espresso Bar)

#coffee #espresso #miseenbean #bolivian #singleorigin #maloolaba (at The Good Bean Espresso Bar)

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