Photo 30 Sep 1 note #stali #secularcoffee #espresso #picollo #coffee #coffeedate #corporatesinthebackground @shelldogryan I love her so much  (at Church of Secular Coffee)

#stali #secularcoffee #espresso #picollo #coffee #coffeedate #corporatesinthebackground @shelldogryan I love her so much (at Church of Secular Coffee)

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Wild Timor Coffee

Sydney Road Coburg, I love it. At either end you’re exposed to 30 different cultures and cuisines, as well as hidden treasure troves of who knows what. The middle of Sydney Road can is good but not usually as exciting (unless you’re like me and think a trip to Jaycar Electronics is awesome). However, while on my Term 3 School Holiday Travels I spied Wild Timor Coffee sitting politely in the midst of squinty sun and blue skies.

Exposed brick walls, cool tiles, big glass, wood and green ferns - nice yeah? I take a seat, smile, have a quick chat and get myself ready.

Espresso. Wild Timor Coffee.

I was told by the guy here that the Wild Timor beans are darkly roasted and quite strong in flavour. He wasn’t kidding. The first sip of the espresso was super bold and robust…like really robust. You might be thinking, “Ok, dark roast, strong, bold, robust…maybe bitter?” but it’s not bitter at all, but dark and mysterious. It’s like drinking black silk. The oiliness has enough smoky notes to send a signal to the Dark Mistress! Delicious and Consistent!

Spinach and Ricotta Quiche.

Nice! Spinach and Ricotta is great together. To be honest though I would have liked more relish because I relished the flavour (ahaha)! The pastry base was still a bit soggy and doughy but this isn’t Masterchef, and the majority of the quiche tasted amazing!


I came in here twice. The first time it was rather quiet and I was served and espresso’d quite quickly. The next time I came in there were 10 customers and table service slowed down a little bit. I was unsure about staying at my table and waiting or helping out and line up and place my order at the counter. In the end I lined up, got to the front and the girl recognised me from the day before and said that she’d be with me shortly. Aside from that, the staff are extremely friendly, easy to talk to and give great recommendations for menu items and sweet treats.


With sugar free raw treats, gluten free breakfasts, tasty savouries and the finest black silk this side of Sydney Road, Wild Timor Coffee is a place to watch and visit.

Wild Timor Cafe

282 Sydney Road Coburg, Victoria

Monday-Friday: 7.00am-4.00pm

Saturday: 8.00am-4.00pm

Sunday: 9.00am-3.00pm

Video 26 Sep

Lolo & Wren

It’s school holidays and you know what that means…Coffee time for Mise en Bean! So let’s get straight to it!

Busy! Wait times on the chalkboard. A lot of love already must have developed for this place and good news must spread quickly. I’m talking about Lolo & Wren, a new temple for coffee lovers and foodies in Albion Street Brunswick West/Moonee Ponds.

They quite the coffee selection too, it all seems to be from 5 Senses and Proud Mary.

Coconut cold brew! Guess what I ordered first?

Single Origin Coconut Cold Brew

This was very light in terms of coffee but nicely balanced with the coconut water which can sometimes overpower other elements. There were some light floral flavours blooming out but nothing too bold. Super refreshing for a warm day.

Free range bacon steak

I never used to be a fan of bacon, but lately I have been indulging. This was delicious. Wilted greens and a corn and cauliflower pickles mix. Om fricken nom fricken nom!

Cold drip. Santa Teresa. Proud Mary.

I had to, I just had to have another cold coffee. This was tart and sweet. As I kept tasting and sipping and moaning, I could find things like cherry, clean and crisp flavours. As I started to get to the bottom of the brew I could detect a bit of cascara, the fruity flesh of the cherry.


They’re damn busy but service is holding up! People are waiting out the front door for a table, names going down on a list. the ding ding of the order up bell keeps going and people are still smiling. Sure, if you came with a party of 3, 4 or 5 (I never watched that show) then you might be in for a wait, but single sippers and double diners would have an easier time getting a spot.


Positive and sunny - albeit I went on warm and sunny Spring day BUT the atmosphere was happy and bright. Those who I spoke to knew what they were talking about when I asked about the coffees, they did not look around nervously and say something that we’ve all heard before “I’ll just check with the barista because I have no idea about the coffee”. Refreshing to know that hope exists.


The menu is more gourmet than Form Cafe which is also on Albion Street but it’s a lot bigger and it’s a different place. I actually want to come here again because of the food and the extensive coffee selection and varieties.

Lolo & Wren

484 Albion St, Brunswick West VIC

Mon to Fri 7:00 am - 4:00 pm

Sat to Sun 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Photo 22 Sep #coffee #espresso #miseenbean #truenorth #Coburg (at True North)

#coffee #espresso #miseenbean #truenorth #Coburg (at True North)

Video 5 Sep 1 note

Mise en Bean and the love of his life were wondering where to go for breakfast last weekend. After a bit of list checking and menu reading we agreed upon Lucy Lockett - a suburban coffee chamber in Brunswick.

With sunshine, running tops and a hunger like no other the great big windows and freshly ground smells waved us in to meet Lucy.

Long communal tables to the left and right and small tables further down the end. Lucy’s front end is brightly lit and has a lot of open white space - this is amplified by the ‘cool’ tiled communal table. Further down the cafe isn’t as bright BUT this does allow for a different experience.

The staff were all friendly and not over the top. Attentive, helpful and more than willing to modify meals (when possible) to suit dietary needs and requirements. You could sit here for a while and relax and wander away with your own thoughts without being interrupted, conversely, you could immediately get someone’s attention and they’d be over to see you.

Single Origin. Kenya Karimikui. Cartel Coffee Roasters.

This was a thick and sticky caramel. The crema colour looked like love when contrasted with the white ceramic cup and tasted like a hug from someone special. Using more technical terms…it had a mellow sweet acidity and a syrup like caramelliness (yes I know that caramelliness is not a real word)!

The soon to be Mrs. Mise en bean got the bircher museli with chai poached pears. It tasted as good as it looked my friends and the nuts were quite a nice addition.

And because I am who I am I ordered the braised mushrooms but lost the toast and got avocado and a poached egg. The mushrooms were beautiful (and this is coming from someone who loves mushrooms), braised nicely with a bit parsley and spice. This is also my second time at photographing mushrooms and can I just say…it is hard to make cooked mushrooms look good in a picture. Apologies!

They have a selection of freshly made juices, all day breakfast, grilled toasties AND lunch. Plenty of space to sit in and some to sit out, Lucy Lockett is going to go bananas in the warmer weather.

[x] Coffee

[x] Food

[x] Love in the middle of suburbia

[x] Great staff

[x] Juice

How many other tick boxes do I need to convince you?

140 Barkly Street, Brunswick.

Monday - Sunday: 8am-4pm

Photo 31 Aug #Kenyan #miseenbean #Sunday (at Lucy Lockett)

#Kenyan #miseenbean #Sunday (at Lucy Lockett)

Photo 27 Aug #singleorigin #india #veerattikan #workshopday #professionallearning #miseenbean #teacherlyf #coffee  (at Three Bags Full Cafe)

#singleorigin #india #veerattikan #workshopday #professionallearning #miseenbean #teacherlyf #coffee (at Three Bags Full Cafe)

Photo 22 Aug A bit of Brunswick is now in Caroline Springs. That means I can feed my love while I’m at work! #coffee #miseenbean #padre #brewbrothers #carolinesprings  (at Brew Brothers)

A bit of Brunswick is now in Caroline Springs. That means I can feed my love while I’m at work! #coffee #miseenbean #padre #brewbrothers #carolinesprings (at Brew Brothers)

Photo 21 Jul The Good Bean Espresso

The Good Bean Espresso

Video 21 Jul

Elk Espresso

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